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#1: Re: I'm considering being a vegetarian...

Posted on 2006-06-12 14:27:06 by pearl

&quot;pearl&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:tea&#64;" target="_blank">tea&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in message news:...

&gt; In case of direct hit, the high temperatures, of about 1200 oC,
&gt; are developed on the impact spot. Since uranium burns on
&gt; 700 oC, most of the penetrator (50-70%) combusts into uranium
&gt; dioxide and uranium trioxide. One hundred grams of uranium
&gt; burns out into about 1,000 grams of fine, black uranium dust.
&gt; Inhaling just 0.002 grams might be fatal to human health.

Should be:

One hundred grams of uranium burns out into 50-70 grams
of fine, black uranium dust.

'.. DU becomes much more radioactive when it burns. And
when it is fired, it combusts on impact. &quot;As much as 70% of
the material is released as a radioactive and highly toxic dust
that can be inhaled or ingested and then trapped in the lungs
or kidneys.&quot; (9)
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