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#1: Re: typing with nine fingers

Posted on 2006-06-01 18:27:18 by mcgonnell2

Dank wrote:
> Chris McGonnell wrote:
> >
> > It's what pervs like dank do when they're off work from Krusty Burger.
> > Oh, and emailing their mentally superior "enemies'" bosses in a vain
> > attempt to get them fired for posting on company time. I don't believe
> > it's even occurred to dank that SWilson was posting through his own
> > account on a coffee break or a lunch hour, he'd just lost in a battle
> > of wits because he was unarmed and thought "I'll get even with that
> > collitch sumbitch -- I'll get 'im fired."
> >
> > *Then* they fantasize about ladies' underwear. R.D. Laing described
> > several cases in his book, "Sexual Perversity in Chicago," which was
> > groundbreaking at that time.
> You are farther up his ass than I ever imagined. Good for you! Nice
> job! Here's a biscuit!

Golly, Dank, I don't even *know* SWilson, it's just that you're such a
clueless dumbass and poking you with a sharp stick was fun for awhile.
You'd reply to ANYthing posted, and when you finally read the word
"troll," you assumed that all replies to posts were "trolls." You
wouldn't listen to anybody in ARK who suggested you learn some of this
terminology, supremely confident in your ignorance while humping the
leg of anyone posting in a thread you were reading. You're now a famous
netcreep, which isn't the same as as netkook: you're slimier and dumber
than any Usenet kook, who are truly addled and not plain stupid. You're
plain stupid and according to Laing, a sexual pervert.

Chris McG.

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