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#1: Re: Rotiserie chicken on the BBQ

Posted on 2006-06-05 17:16:40 by WilliansWalker

Sheldon wrote:
> BOB wrote:
> > "Sheldon" wrote
> > ::
> > :: For typical home use the Weber line is probably pound for pound the
> > :: best there is...
> >
> > Funny, on a BBQ forum, I just made a very similar response. I wrote
> > "dollar per pound or pound per dollar, it's the best there is..."
> > talking about a Weber Smokey Mountain.
> I wouldn't call it funny, I've posted that same line here about Weber
> grills about 3-4 times over more than twice as many years... you
> probably read my old posts, or others have and paraphrased me, which
> occurs quite often. I've never posted to the Q group, in fact I've
> never even peeked in there, or any other of the food groups for that
> matter... enough posters from those groups post and cross post here
> often enough that I know following those groups would bore me to tears.
> Rfc is becoming pretty dull of late too, it's hardly about food
> anymore and what little occurs is infantile claptrap.
> Sheldon
Well I use lump charcoal, a drip pan; make sure heat is proper(I have
no thermometer but use judgement). Chicken is done quickly and simply.
Before I put on the rotisserie I take a couple of tsp. salt and dump
inside cavity. I usually do about 3 chicks at a time though(my unit is
some home made contraption with some distance between the coals and
meat; judgement and experience comes into play). Also this is not
strictly a smoked chicken; it is more swiss chalet style but better
because I use real charcoal. I serve a dipping sauce which is homemade
but resembles a swiss chalet type sauce but better because I do not use
an artificial sauce base; I make a good chicken stock and reduce by
1/2; add water and reduce by 1/2 again; then use drippings to make a
roux; add stock and other goodies(you can find a decent recipe for
rotisserie chicken dipping sauce on the web)

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