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#1: Re: "Faulty freezer forces cryogenics' cremation"

Posted on 2006-07-15 07:15:59 by B1ackwater

Adam Funk &lt;<a href="mailto:a24061&#64;" target="_blank">a24061&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:

&gt;<a href="" target="_blank"> ation/</a>
&gt;--&gt; Cryonics pioneer Doctor Raymond Martinot stuck his wife in
&gt;--&gt; cold storage back 1984. He paid for his massive
&gt;--&gt; refrigeration bill by inviting tourists to gawp at the chest
&gt;--&gt; freezer. Son Remy added Ray to the stiff collection in the
&gt;--&gt; crypt of their chateau when he too snuffed it in 2002.
&gt;--&gt; A bitter Remy recounted the disaster to AFP: &quot;I realised in
&gt;--&gt; February that after a technical incident their temperature
&gt;--&gt; had risen to -20C probably for several days. The alert
&gt;--&gt; system [on the freezer] had not worked and I decided at that
&gt;--&gt; point that it was not reasonable to continue.&quot;
&gt;--&gt; The cruel twist must be a real kick in the teeth for Remy,
&gt;--&gt; who had fought a long-running legal battle with authorities
&gt;--&gt; to be allowed to keep his folks on ice. When court ordered
&gt;--&gt; them in January to be buried or cremated, Remy said he would
&gt;--&gt; appeal the decision at the European Court of Human Rights.

A few days at -20 might not be SO bad ... especially since the
idea is that future tech can repair a LOT of damage.

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