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#1: Whole grain newsgroup

Posted on 2006-06-12 20:07:07 by hutchndi

Hey everyone. Just want to let anyone that might be interested know
that there is a discussion going on at news.groups concerning the
formation of a new newsgroup dedicated to whole-grain foods, actually I
started the discussion myself. I know that there are some very
knowledgeable bakers here in the subject of whole grain breads,
rye,whole wheat, spelt, etc, as in alt.bread.recipesand, but the exclusively whole-grain subject is usually
a fringe topic at best. I would certainly not be the one to find
reliable information on whole grain baking or health benefits, total
newbie on the subject but enthusiasm overflowing after my first

There are also groups in Yahoo (Jonathan Kendall's excellent group)
MSN and Google, along with websites dedicated to whole grain foods, but
I would love to see the subject brought to the avenue of newsgroups
format. Big8 newsgroup moderators (and Brian Mailman) have suggested
searching out other enthusiasts and getting them to post at news.groups
in my whole brain baking newsgroup thread :

<a href="" target="_blank"> ead/7073c2b25bd172e9?hl=en</a>

I don't expect everybody to be for the idea, but any signs of interest
posted in the thead will be accounted for by the Big8.

Also, I know there is but it's pretty much a
dead horse, a more generalized whole grain discussion might do better.

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