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#1: Re: Whole grain bread

Posted on 2006-07-13 00:12:32 by pailface88

Diane M wrote:
> I'm trying the Sugar Busters diet and would like a recipe for a tasty
> whole grain bread that doesn't use any white flour.
> Diane M

4 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
2 tablespoons wheat gluten
2 cups water
Mix the above and let it set for at least one hour (this is required so
the water softens the coarse whole wheat flour, providing a good rise)
then add
2 teaspoons yeast
Knead this thoroughly, let it rise for 1 hour 20 minutes then bake at
325 F for approx 30 minutes. Don't punch it down during the rise time,
just let it rise but not for more than 1 hour 20 min. Dump it out of
the bread pan immediately after baking then slice after cooling

Actually, I make this in a bread maker (ABM) but the times and temps
are as stated.

After spending a great deal of time with trial and error (and many poor
loaves) this recipe works perfect for me. I have made a couple hundred
loaves with this recipe in the last 1.5 years and it works great every
time. The rise is very good, and the crumb is quite light. Be sure not
to let it cool in the pan as this somehow makes the slicing much more
difficult. Just let it cool on the counter top for 15 minutes or so,
just so it's not too hot to handle, then slice.

Note that there are NO ingredients other than whole wheat flour, wheat
gluten, yeast and water. Very healthy.

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