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#1: Re: Dirty rotten scoundrels? Or perhaps I've I missed something???

Posted on 2006-07-11 14:46:41 by Space Cowboy

FOP is thin whole twisted leaf. In practice, it doesn't stay that way
long because it is so thin it reduces itself to FB(roken)OB almost just
from its own weight or just by simple packaging. Flower means you
should see some gold tip. Darjeeling OP is thick twisted leaf and
maintains its form more readily. Most OP has white tip. Orthodox
justs means manual processing versus machine. For Indian teas there is
no connection between physical grade and taste. I prefer the larger
grade for the agony of the leaves.


<a href="mailto:randomm&#64;" target="_blank">randomm&#64;</a> wrote:
&gt; X-No-Archive: Yes
&gt; Hello all,
&gt; I've just received a package of Kolokkumalai (sounds rather Kiwi,
&gt; yeah?) estate tea from the Kottagudi plantations in South India as a
&gt; lovely gift from a business associate who was working in the area.
&gt; The package is brightly festooned with &quot;FOP&quot; stickers in addition to
&gt; the &quot;Flowery Orange Pekoe&quot; boldly emblazoned across the front. The tea
&gt; is pleasant, with a dark, almost bugundy colour, a somewhat Ceylonese
&gt; nose, and infuses quickly.
&gt; My question is on Indian tea grading as I thought this was closely
&gt; controlled throughout the entire country. It is at best BOP- all of it
&gt; is bits and small chips not more than 4mm long, all of a relatively
&gt; uniform very dark colour. Was my friend swindled by dirten rotten
&gt; scoundrels, or is South Indian FOP not what I expect from a Darjeeling
&gt; FOP? Isn't FOP supposed to be a full leaf tea!?
&gt; I looked the packaging over thoroughly and I'm unable to see anything
&gt; suggesting another grade. It also has the words &quot;Orthodox Tea&quot;. It
&gt; all seems rather unorthodox in my view :)
&gt; Thanks to all for any information.
&gt; Randall Q. R. Huxley, III

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#2: Re: Dirty rotten scoundrels? Or perhaps I've I missed something???

Posted on 2006-07-11 16:06:32 by unknown

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