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#1: Re: oboyoby at last!

Posted on 2006-07-12 16:14:43 by Anny Middon

&quot;Kathi Jones&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:katjon&#64;" target="_blank">katjon&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in message
news:<a href="mailto:Z4idneVwQbhHrDHZnZ2dnUVZ_oednZ2d&#64;" target="_blank">Z4idneVwQbhHrDHZnZ2dnUVZ_oednZ2d&#64;</a>
&gt; Something I'm wondering.....there's a pic of 12 beautiful jars of
&gt; preserves
&gt; on the front, and I can't figure out what the 2nd jar from the left in the
&gt; top row is....looks like tomato and corn relish...anyone know what it is?

I was out of town, and looked at the book last night. The jar contains
Southwestern Vegetable soup -- or at least it looks just like the soup I
made from that recipe.

If you like a little Southwestern USA bite to your vegetable soup, I
recommend the recipe -- it was delish!


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